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Jonathan Platt

Categories: Invictus Games 2020 Athletes

Since leaving the Royal Navy due to a back injury, Jonathan Platt is keen to re-establish his love for playing sport.

A keen sportsman, the 40 year old competed in the 2019 Invictus UK Trials which had a huge positive influence on his wellbeing.

“This has given me the opportunity to make new friends, enjoy team spirits and being able to support each other on and off the field no matter what injury or illness we may have, as we all have a different story to tell.

“After injuring my back I was limited to what I could achieve. My physical, mental health and my self-worth was at an all-time low, with it affecting my relationships with my family and friends and I was becoming isolated and depressed.

Jonathan said that Invictus will give him the "opportunity to compete in a sport without being judged and to be able to be part of a team with everyone trying to help support each other on their journey to become better not just in sport but in mental/physical health.

"Being selected to represent Team UK is not only be a massive achievement but will give me the drive and determination to accelerate in sports and being able to build new relationships with team members and coaches. My road to recovery is long and won’t stop after Invictus selection.”