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Jonathan Mitchell

Categories: Invictus Games 2018 Athletes

When Army veteran Jonathan Mitchell was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of cancer in 2012, he wasn’t worried, even with an 8% chance of survival. “The diagnosis hit my family hard but at the time I was not phased as I believed that I would and could smash anything that was put in front of me. I believed I was bulletproof.” The 31-year-old former Sergeant from Chorley, Lancashire found his medical discharge harder to cope with, and is looking forward to the Invictus Games giving him back the brotherhood he lost when he left the military. “I knew that I would be tested but I never thought the outcome was to be medical discharge, losing my second family. My defences and pride had been destroyed, and I grieved the loss of the Army, becoming depressed. I miss feeling that sense of pride and not a part of the brotherhood. Invictus will give me focus and drive to continue my battle with cancer and give me the strength to take care of my young family. It’s not about medals. It’s about being a part of a family. Going through everything together -highs and lows. It means everything to me.”

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