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James Rogers

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James Rogers is currently serving as Lt Cdr in the Royal Navy. The 33-year-old Submariner who suffers from Axial Spondyloarthropathy (AS); a chronic form of arthritis that causes significant inflammatory joint and back pain and stiffness.  As a result, James battles with a combination of fatigue, pain, low self-esteem and mood on a regular basis.

However, since participating in the Invictus Training Camps, he has already started to see progress in his wellbeing: “My family and I have noticed a marked improvement in my overall health. Having a focus to strive towards, has given me a purpose and motivation that I was struggling to find.  In addition, attending the Invictus UK Trials has reignited my self-esteem and confidence, enabling me to try sports within my physical limitations not previously considered.”

Looking ahead, James feels positive about continuing his Invictus journey: “I would be incredibly proud to represent Team UK at Invictus 2020; pride is something I haven’t felt in recent years as I have struggled to come to terms with the physical and emotional challenges of my condition. I am certain that the focused training will continue to aid my physical recovery and improve my resilience to dealing with the inevitable tough days as a positive consequence.”

“Previously, I have hidden my symptoms and limitations, both in the workplace and at home, but Invictus 2020 instils a sense of pride in who I am and the journey so far. Being part of a team where I belong means I no longer feel like an outsider, finding excuses for the things I cannot do.
I would be truly honoured to stand alongside these inspiring people and proud of what we represent.”

James Rogers Invictus 2020

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