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Our Sports Recovery Manager, Hannah, is passionate about the role sport plays in the recovery journeys of our wounded. Here she explains how it helped veteran Michelle P overcome her battle with PTSD.

“I met Michelle whilst I was coaching indoor rowing for the 2017 Invictus Games. As a Charity we train and develop Team UK competitors across the nine sports showcased at the Games.

“As well as focusing on developing their sports specific skill set and performance, Team UK competitors are encouraged to set individual goals to benefit their own recovery experiences – for Michelle, this was to confront the symptoms of her Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

“At first, she was quiet and doubted her ability. But because everyone was trying something new, it was a level playing field. So, with each session not only did her fitness levels improve, but her confidence did too.

“Sometimes you just need to give people the right environment, the right tools, and an ear to listen. Sports Recovery and the camaraderie of the Invictus Games helped Michelle grow. The whole experience, from training to competing, provided her with the tools she needed to better manage her PTSD.

“Not only did the exercise boost her mental and physical wellbeing but working alongside others also helped her form friendships. Michelle’s PTSD had led her to shutting herself away. And having been alone for so long, she found social situations challenging. But the team spirit and discipline of sport enabled her to form bonds and learn to work in a team once more.

“Michelle’s journey from not wanting to walk through the training room door, to competing on an international stage at the Toronto Invictus Games is deeply inspiring. What’s more, she’s gone on to use her experiences to build a business and champion other wounded veterans battling with their own mental health.

“I’m a true believer in the power sport has to enable wounded veterans to thrive. Michelle is living proof of this.”

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