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Gary Callier

Categories: Invictus Games 2020 Athletes

Former Lance Corporal Gary Callier started off his Invictus journey isolated from his family and friends and life. He said he had forgotten how to engage with others and felt “worthless, useless, anxious, bitter, depressed and totally dependent on others”. Invictus has given him something to work towards, a focus and a goal to reach and has had such a positive impact that he is now back in full time employment, as a Police Officer. “Being selected for Team UK for The Hague 2020 will be the perfect way in which to continue my journey to recovery.”

The 37-year-old from Cambridge is now motivated to help others that are in the same or similar situation to what he found himself in. “I believe that my journey includes helping others with theirs. I can once again feel that my family and friends have something to be proud of me for, they can see how much I need this process and I do it for them as much as myself. I still have some way to go, both physically and psychologically but I know that with the support of people around me I can do it, something I couldn’t say last year.”

Gary Callier Invictus 2020

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