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Enise Davis

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Mother of two Enise Davis signed up for the Help for Heroes Band of Sisters fellowship in 2016, and the support she has received from the charity has helped change her life.

Enise’s husband Jamie toured Iraq, Afghanistan and Northern Ireland with the Parachute Regiment before his army career came to an end when he broke seven vertebrae on a parachute exercise in 2015. The couple then turned to Help for Heroes.

Enise said: “Help for Heroes has helped improve my mental, emotional and physical wellbeing, which in turn has benefitted the whole family and improved everyday life.”

“Before, life was pretty manic and I was quite stressed out. Things could have gone from bad to worse; who knows what toll it would have taken on my health. Certain situations might have forced me to breaking point, but Help for Heroes has given me the tools to learn how to calm down and deal with situations differently.”

After Jamie’s accident, Enise fully prepared herself to bring her husband home in a wheelchair. However, after making a relatively quick recovery, Jamie has managed to get back into work and regularly uses the gym at Help for Heroes Recovery Centre in Colchester.

“I’ve made so many friends at the Recovery Centre. It’s nice to walk through the doors and meet with others who are in the same boat. We may all be at different stages but by telling our stories it often helps someone else.”

Joining the Help for Heroes Band of Sisters was not only a great help to Enise, but made it easier for her whole family to adjust to life outside the military.

“I didn’t feel deserving at first of everything that the Band of Sisters were offering me; I felt that others needed it more but it soon became apparent that the fellowship would benefit me. I’ve since tried everything from a photography course to respite weekends, from craft sessions to yoga. I’ve found that I’m good at things I didn’t realise and discovered new hobbies which allow me to use my creative energy. I also pop in for the occasional holistic therapy; mindfulness is my favourite and I’m set to try reiki soon.

“I’ve realised that by looking after myself I can look after others more effectively. I would highly recommend the fellowship to anyone who is eligible; whether it’s for support, advice or just friendship.”

The Help for Heroes Band of Sisters is available to the loved ones of Veterans and Service Personnel who have suffered a permanently life-limiting or career-ending injury or illness during or attributable to service. Open to both men and women, the fellowship offers fellowship, support and a listening ear to the loved ones of our Heroes.

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