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Dom Lovett - Stronger Together

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For some of our most seriously injured veterans, the lockdown has meant overcoming complex challenges. But thanks to you, we’ve been able to help them continue to get the support they need in these uncertain times.

Former Royal Marine, Dom Lovett, was paralysed from the neck down following a horrific injury during a training exercise in 2008. Told at the time he’d never breathe unaided again and confined to a wheelchair, Dom had already made incredible progress in his recovery prior to lockdown - thanks to funding for equipment to help him retain his independence. We’d also been helping him work towards a counselling or life coaching course, and he’d been hoping to start work at the end of this year.

Then the pandemic took hold, and life for Dom once again looked uncertain. His reliance on his daily carers posed its own risk in terms of contracting coronavirus and for Dom, the prospect of not being able to go outside for weeks on end had the potential to affect his mental health.

That’s why in February, we sent a team to his house to completely renovate his garden so that he was able to access it in his wheelchair for the first time. Dom even helped us design it and says being outside has helped no end with his wellbeing during these tough few months.

We’ve also set Dom up with a hands-free drinking system and made adaptions to his house, providing a wheelchair charger and an iPad so that he can control his own heating and lighting. All of this helps limit the amount of time he spends in close contact with his carers. The iPad also helps him stay in touch with family and friends and means he can continue his with his study remotely too.

Dom’s wife is an NHS worker, which has come with its own pressures in the last few months, so the adaptions we’ve been able to make to their home has given her more peace of mind too. 

“Help for Heroes has helped no end with my mental and physical wellbeing. The equipment they’ve been able to supply me with has made me a lot more independent. I’m unbelievably grateful, they’ve managed to just completely change my life around”, says Dom.

Prior to the lockdown, Dom enjoyed being able to get out of the house and meet with other veterans at our Phoenix House recovery centre in Catterick, and while our recovery centres remain closed for the foreseeable, it’s something he looks forward to being able to do once again.

Lots of our veterans, and their families, need us more than ever and our teams are working tirelessly to keep them feeling safe and connected during these difficult times. Join us and find out how you can support them today.



Our veterans need us now more than ever. Join us and find out how you can support them today. #StrongerTogether.



If you are a wounded veteran or loved one looking for support or advice, contact us at getsupport@helpforheroes.org.uk.