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Dean Tofton

Categories: Invictus Games 2020 Athletes

British Army corporal Dean Tofton has struggled to find the motivation and drive through bouts of anxiety, which would leave him house-bound and isolated.

Now on his sports recovery journey, the Invictus programme has given the 35 year old a purpose and focus : “The benefit of being part of the Invictus games so far has been incredible, I am now alot more active, even joined my old football team again, there was a time when all I wanted to do was stay in the house as the anxiety of going out was too much, I would often make excuses or have a little drink of vodka to build up courage, now I am planning days out with the kids and family and taking each step forward rather than backwards.”

When asked what the opportunity to represent his country at the forthcoming Invictus Games The Hague 2020 would mean to him, Craig is clear on his goals: “ My goal is to be able to handle any situation that life throws at me, to get back to the old me with the new improved look on life and to learn from the past experiences I have had to deal with this past year. To believe in my self, physically and mentally.”

Dean Tofton Invictus 2020

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