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Daniel Tasker

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Former corporal Daniel Tasker was left feeling ‘broken’ since he was medically discharged from the RAF. However, with the support of family, friends and Help for Heroes the 38-year-old from Lincolnshire has started to ‘feel normal again’.
“The people that I have met during the trial and training camps have taught me to trust in people and friendships again, I have met some truly inspirational people who have taught me that I can overcome my limitations, they shouldn't be allowed to hold me back any longer. It is helping me to rebuild my confidence.”

As Daniel continues on his sports recovery he credits his Invictus journey in giving him structure and purpose, one step at a time: “Since the training camp I have tried to develop my own training schedule to work on my speed as well as distance (running) and have started cycling to and from work to practice the skills I have been taught by the coaches, using fitness apps to monitor my progression. The involvement of sport allows me to clear my head in ways that therapy has never been able to. The process so far has and is helping me to see that I can still accomplish something that can make me proud of myself again and make my family proud of me.”

“The possibility of being a part of Team UK would mean a huge amount to me and my family. The whole process so far is nothing that I could have imagined. It has already started to help me find a part of me that I feel has been missing since the loss of use of my left arm/hand as well as the emotional challenges and frustrations. I feel that some of the sports I can now join with my family, without my feeling like I'm a hindrance.”

Daniel Tasker Invictus 2020

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