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Daniel Phillips

Categories: Invictus Games 2018 Athletes

When former Corporal Daniel Phillips was discharged in June 2016, he became a shadow of the person he used to be. But now, with the support of the Invictus Games programme and a new-found determination to succeed, he is bouncing back. “Before I was injured I could run up and down mountains, but now I struggle with a step. It's extremely depressing. People constantly telling you to be careful or telling you that you can't do something because of your injury. Invictus would be my chance to show the world that I can!” The 36-year-old veteran from Seaford, East Sussex, is looking forward to getting back into the competitive spirit of the military, and showing his family what he can do. “The army was a very competitive environment. It gave you drive to get up and go. But without that, I was lost. Sport, and especially the Invictus Games, has given me something incredible to talk about with my friends and family. It's helped to instil so much confidence. I don't have to hide from the world anymore. Being able to compete again would help bring me out of the shadows stand in the light and hopefully make my family proud of me again.”

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