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Daniel O'Connor

Categories: Invictus Games 2020 Athletes

Army Veteran Daniel O’Connor is determined to prove that his career changing injury will not stop him achieving.

Inspired and motivated by his recent participation at the Invictus UK Trials, Daniel is passionate to seize the opportunity to represent Team UK.

“Being a part of the 2020 Invictus team will not only give me the focus to keep on striving to achieve more in my life, but I feel it will be the marker that shows all the people who have known me since my injury and indeed seen me at my lowest, that I have not simply accepted my state of affairs and living in a post injury world.”

“The message I have for any other veterans is a reminder that our lives’ purpose post injury shouldn’t be to just to ‘survive’, we are here to ‘thrive’ and each and every one of us can achieve anything we dedicate ourselves to.”

During the pandemic Daniel has remained focused and motivated to succeed. He said: “Over the last two years I have completed two diplomas and became an Independent Financial Adviser which has allowed me to help veterans and their families achieve their financial targets. The last two years have been hectic working full time, training and studying in the evenings but that is all part of the transformation Invictus kickstarted. It has given me endless motivation to keep trying to better myself.

“Since being selected for the Invictus Games I have changed careers, got married, completed two diplomas and now added a new baby to the family.”