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Anthony Morris

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Former RAF Squadron Leader Antony Morris was medically discharged in January due to health issues. Since his injury in 2013 and subsequent diagnosis of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) he has struggled with work, socialising, and quality family time – Both physical and mental exertion leave him exhausted, in pain and unable to concentrate on anything.

Despite all this, the father-of-two from Staffordshire is determined to prove he can “still win” and has vowed not to let (CFS) hold him back. Inspired and motivated by his participation in the Invictus UK Trials in July, the 42-year-old has already started to experience the benefits; “The Games have motivated me to leave the house and meet new people on a regular basis, as well as build an online support network of other competitors. My family have already noticed a difference; my mood and motivation are improving, and I’ve pushed myself harder, even managing to support my youngest riding a bike (almost impossible a year ago).”

“Being part of Team UK will enable me to rediscover who I am, focus on what I can actually do, and challenge myself and others to achieve our best. It will help with my feelings of isolation, mixing again with other like-minded people for mutual support, as well as helping my family gain and give the support they need too. At the end of the Trials, my wife looked at me with a love and pride I haven’t seen for years, and my children were delighted to see Dad doing something active again; my eldest now wants to train with me! This new journey is for all four of us and the Games are just the beginning.”

Anthony Morris Invictus 2020

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