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Anthony Booth

Anthony Booth

Anthony Booth, a former Warrant Officer in the RAF, isolated himself from sporting and social occasions and became withdrawn from forming meaningful friendships, after suffering years of mental and physical injuries. However, the Invictus Games process is helping the 50-year-old from Cirencester to feel alive again and he says his family is seeing the real him start to return.

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Charlie Dye

Charlie Dye

After attending the Invictus Games training camps, former RAF Firefighter Charlie found himself reverting 'back to his old self' He is now competing at The Hague as part of Team UK.

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As an Army medic saving lives on the battlefield, David thought he knew what strength was, but when he suffered life-changing injuries himself, he had to find a new kind of strength. The strength to adjust to life using a wheelchair, constant severe pain and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). With support from Help for Heroes, David didn’t have to fight his battle alone, but there are many other injured veterans like him who need us.

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Helen wearing a Help for Heroes Hoody


Helen was always proud of her role as an Army wife – accompanying husband Paul on postings in Germany, London, and Northern Ireland during his time in the Military Police. She supported him through the good times and the bad, in and out of service; but wouldn’t realise the affect military life had on her mental health until it was almost too late.

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Image of Paul in a Help for Heroes T-Shirt


Serving during the conflict in Northern Ireland, Paul thought he knew what strength was. But when his time in the Army came to an end, and the symptoms of PTSD took hold, he had to find a different kind of strength: the strength to rebuild his life with his family.

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At just 38 years old, Infantry Officer Spencer Bull was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). As his condition deteriorated, Spencer eventually had to give up the career he’d given 30 years to, and for the last two years he’s been confined to a wheelchair. His MS brings daily challenges for both him and his family, but with your support they find the strength to face them, together.

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One day in 2007, Ana received the knock on that door all military families dread. Her husband, Derek, had lost both of his legs when his vehicle hit a roadside bomb in Afghanistan. Beside his bed when he awoke from a nine-day coma, Ana had to take picture to show him the extent of his injuries. In an instant, their lives changed forever, but the pair have faced 14 years together, since the injury, to overcome all odds.

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Double amputee Derek was serving in Afghanistan in 2007 when his vehicle hit a roadside bomb. When he awoke from a coma nine days later, he knew that life for he and his wife, Ana, had changed forever. Together, they have learnt to adapt and overcome so many challenges.

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Bruce’s wife Louise has been by his side throughout his recovery journey. Bruce, who served in the army for 16 years, lost both legs below the knee due to injury. But as Louise explains, his determination means he doesn’t let it get in the way of living his life.

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