Terrysa Bulman

Terrysa Bulman served in the Royal Navy until she was medically discharged in 2002. Following an injury in 1993, the 47-year-old has struggled with mental health issues and had: “Lacked motivation and courage to face my fears after many years of feeling under-valued since the loss of my career.” However, having listened to Prince Harry’s speech at Invictus 2017, Terrysa was: “Moved to tears –for the first time in years I thought ‘I can do this’ and believed in myself. Since that moment I have dedicated time to building a network of support through the Navy and the sailing school.” Terrysa credits the Invictus Games 2018 with giving her a “true sense of purpose and motivation to get out of the house and become more active. The games have built my confidence and helped me feel worthy and acknowledged.”