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Kelly Mcvitty

Former Sergeant , Kelly McVitty served in the RAF, fulfilling her passion and vocation as a critical care nurse. Suffering permanent nerve damage in a military ambulance accident 7 years ago, 38 year old Kelly, now medically discharged, has struggled to come to terms with her injury, which has left her unable to continue nursing within critical care and has forced her to discontinue most physical activities.


When her friend urged her to apply for the Invictus UK Trials, Kelly believed it would be useless and all in vain. “ I went, unconvinced and very nervous, I was sure it was going to be futile there was nothing that I could do” By her own admission, Kelly could not have been more wrong : “Instead I was reduced to tears when was lent an adapted sling to secure my arm for athletics. I was able to run for the first time in what seemed a lifetime. I also tried archery for the first time; shooting with a mouth tab, I was taught to swim one handed too. Invictus has opened my eyes to what’s possible.”


Kelly credits the Invictus Games and sport in re-igniting her self-esteem and confidence. When asked how she feels about being part of the Invictus 2020 journey, Kelly said: “Invictus arrived at a critical time in my life, at a point where I’d never felt so low. My confidence and self-esteem trampled after medical discharge, incapable of continuing my vocation as a nurse. I felt unable and unmotivated to do things. Being part of Invictus is giving me purpose, rekindling my self-esteem and confidence”


Kelly Mcvitty Invictus 2020