Jonathon Harvey

Former RAF Sergeant Jonathon Harvey is set to represent in the archery competition at the 2017 Games. Jonathon, who was born and still lives in Belfast, said: "A matter of months ago I was on the verge of suicide with seemingly no way out. I had no plans for a future and a family who felt a million miles away. PTSD had taken over my life and a new diagnosis of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome was taking a real toll. “With help from the service charities, my friends and family and, more poignantly, the realisation that I had to help myself, I started to put a plan into place to climb out of the hole I found myself in. I took up archery enrolled on a college course and gave myself a focus of qualifying for and competing at the Invictus Games. Quite frankly the difference the last few months has made to my life is phenomenal in all respects. I have started to plan for the future. I'm finding enjoyment in activity, spending quality time with my young family and, for the first time in a long time, having a little faith in myself that I can make a successful future for me and my family.”