Jennifer Warren | Vice-Captain

Veteran Army Major Dr Jen Warren will take a break from her day job as a hospital anaesthetist to compete in Toronto. Triathlete Jen had a skiing accident in 2008 which means she has to use a wheelchair to get around. After seeing the benefits of competing in Invictus in 2016, she will return to compete in cycling, swimming and athletics. Jen said: “Remaining physically active is essential to my physical and mental well-being. I strive hard in all aspects of my life but sometimes struggle to find a sense of achievement despite considerable success. Sport gives you fixed goals and a sense of achievement that is impossible to miss when you produce a personal best. I have really struggled with the psychological aspects of my injury but sport keeps me calm and in control when I feel totally fed up with my situation and is a great outlet for frustration.  Engaging in sport has made me more physically able to get out and enjoy life with my family and the demands of a very stressful job.”

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