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Wednesday 22 February 2017

Yorkshire Three Peaks top tips

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Help for Heroes Fundraiser, Lucy Smith, talks about her Yorkshire Three Peaks trek and shares her top tips for this epic one-day challenge. Three mountains, more than 25 miles, all in just 12 hours!

You took on the challenge with your dad, what appealed to you about the trek?

"We had signed up for another trek for Help for Heroes, the Inca Trail Trek in Peru, so we thought Yorkshire Three Peaks was a great training experience and an opportunity to trek with like-minded people in support of Help for Heroes."

What were your trek highlights?

"There were a number of highlights but for me we got to spend the day in the village of Horton beforehand which was beautiful, and you also reach the first peak sooner than you expect. It gives you a great sense of achievement really early on. The Help for Heroes team was also fantastic at keeping your morale up; there is nothing better than being cheered on as you walk the final 100m to the finish line!"

Were there any moments that you found particularly difficult?

"The most difficult thing about the trip for me was the weather. It was cloudy and I couldn’t see the top of the second peak which lowered my morale, as I was tiring and wanted to know how much further we had to go! The weather is out of anyone's control but pray for the sun to come out!"

Do you have any tips for future trekkers?

"My top tip would be to do some training. I was naïve thinking that I’m young and healthy and that I’d be fine. I hadn’t trained as much as I should have, which meant that my knee started to hurt. You don’t need to run marathons or walk every day, but I had only done one proper practice walk and even then it was only 7 miles which doesn’t prepare you for 26 up and down the peaks. I would definitely suggest trying to get around 3-4 walks in beforehand aiming for 10-13 miles. It's easier over the summer months as the weather is lovely, so I had no excuse!

"I would also recommend staying for a long weekend. We hired a cottage and made a holiday out of it. There are some amazing views, walks and local villages in the area."

Would you recommend the Yorkshire Three Peaks trek to others?

"I would definitely recommend it. It feels like such an achievement afterwards and even though there are tough stages during the walk, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime achievement (unless you are a keen trekker and then you probably wouldn’t need convincing). Honestly, I am such a trekking novice but I think it’s suitable for everyone and guarantee that you’ll enjoy it."

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