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Friday 07 August 2015

Veterans on the right path for the future after self-employment course at Tedworth House

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Veterans who took part in the self employment career recovery course at Help for Heroes Recovery Centre Tedworth House have praised the course for putting them on the right path for the future.

Self-employment has become a very realistic option for those transitioning out of the military and into civilian life. Setting up a business is a challenge and our wounded, injured and sick have to embark upon this career with a good awareness of what it means.

Help for Heroes created a 6-day programme, in partnership with X Forces, to provide our WIS with all the support they need to get their business ready for launch.

X Forces are a social enterprise who work with veterans, partners, families, reservists and cadets to help them launch their own businesses.

The course focused on all the elements of the business model: USP, Sales, Marketing, Cash flow, and Business law.

Paul Armstrong, who served with the Royal Military Police in Iraq before suffering a spinal injury in 2009, said: “This course is the best thing I have done since leaving the military.

“It has been the missing link I have been looking for over the past several years. Having it based at Tedworth House Recovery Centre is an added bonus because it is an environment you feel instantly comfortable in, away from the stresses of home.

“To have this network of support is priceless and what I have gained from doing this course is immeasurable. There were so many lightbulb moments where things clicked and you really felt like you had a clear path to walk on. This has put me in a really commanding position for the future.”

Former Lance Corporal, Patrick Mukazi, who suffered a prolapsed disc in 2002 which ended his military career, added: “We have all been learning off each other and sharing our experiences which has been really helpful. Having that camaraderie and ongoing support has been the special ingredient of this course.

“We’ve all been reminded that we aren’t on our own and the support is there for us to access. It makes you feel secure, valued and sets you up with confidence for your next journey.”

Veteran David Williams, who hopes to set up a Physiotherapist business, said: “To receive the guidance of experts and people who genuinely care about what happens to you has been truly amazing.

“It provides you with the reassurance to make the right decisions and the confidence that you are on the right path. Having someone looking over your shoulder in a supportive manner is incredible.”

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