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Tuesday 19 June 2018

Today, 7 lives will change – show your support

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Every day seven people are medically discharged from the Armed Forces and their lives will change forever.

All at once these highly-trained individuals lose the camaraderie, purpose and career which has been their life. It could be because they have been wounded or they may have developed a serious illness whilst serving our country.

As Armed Forces Week approaches, seven people we support are sharing their personal experiences.

Each story represents one of the seven who face medical discharge every day – showing how your help is needed more than ever.  

When you make a donation to Help for Heroes we can help people like Barrie, who now works with various organisations to make sure Veterans, Service Personnel, and their families are kept at the forefront of new policies surrounding a variety of issues affecting the Armed Forces community, including well-being and mental health.

“I regard myself as a Force for Good, not for anything that I do but because of the wonderful Charity I represent. Without Help for Heroes, my life would be nowhere near as full as it is today.”

Year-on-year the number of those needing our support grows – and we’ve committed to helping them for the rest of their lives.

Help us make sure we can continue to be there.

Show your support for our military. Donate today and join our fundraising forces.

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