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Wednesday 13 May 2020

The power of sport and looking forward to the Invictus Games – your questions answered

Posted by: Help For Heroes | Categories: Sports Recovery

Lockdown has called a halt to countless sporting activities and events this year, including the Invictus Games.

With many of our beneficiaries relying on the power of sport to aide their ongoing recovery, we thought it would be good to hear from our Sports Recovery Manager, Hannah Lawton.

She answered your sporting questions, including what #TeamUK are up to as they plan for the rescheduled #InvictusGames.




How can serving personnel and veterans get into sport if they want to improve both their physical fitness and mental health?

Participating in sports alongside your peers is a great way to meet new people and challenge yourself. Whether you’re trying something new for the first time, or developing particular sporting skills, we offer a wide range of sport for recovery.

Take a look at our website for more information. There's lots of community clubs and regional activities waiting to welcome you once lockdown measure have eased:  


Are there any potential dates for the 2021 Invictus Games event?

We’re currently awaiting confirmation – it’s likely be around the end of May beginning of June 2021. As soon as dates are released, we’ll be sure to let you know.


When will the trials begin for the 2021 Dusseldorf Invictus Games?

We’ve yet to plan past the current cycle. As soon as we are able, we’ll publish all information about future Games and Team UK trials events on our website.


Do you think there’ll be another UK ‘Trials’ event? Last year’s trails were amazing!

We agree the event in Sheffield was spectacular! Whilst we work on plans for sport delivery, we’re unable to say if another event like Sheffield’s will happen.


When restrictions are lifted, will there be any training events we can watch and support?

Firstly, a big thank you for your support. Team UK would love to see you next Games time - tickets are available on the IG2020 website.

When it comes to #TeamUK training events – these are closed to the public. This ensures participants have a focused training environment and benefit from all of our staff's energy and attention.


How have you shaped from-home training programmes for your athletes when not everyone may have access to the right equipment?

This is a challenging time for many, so we’ve not put pressure onto our competitors. To help with training, our brilliant #TeamUK coaches have been delivering online sessions which don’t require specific equipment. We are following Government guidelines and hope to continue with a more structured programme soon.


What happens if service personnel on the team are upgraded during the next 12 months and therefore no longer qualify for the Games if they were released applying? Are they still able to compete in 2021?

This is the first time the Invictus Games has been postponed, so they will no doubt be looking into their eligibility policy, given all nations will be asking questions about this. As soon as we find out more, we’ll let you know. 


What about Invictus personnel who were originally selected as a member but fell pregnant and had to withdraw. Would they be invited to attend again or is the withdrawal extant?

#TeamUK is as it stands at May 2020, unless an individual takes the decision to remove themselves from the team. We are aware some members have had to remove themselves from the team due to personal reasons – we are looking at how we can support them moving forwards.


Will the Sports Recovery competition be postponed until next year? Or will it be run after lockdown finishes?

We’re still looking at options for the Sport Series competitions, but it’s likely we won’t be able to run any this year - unless the Government further relax their restrictions. If we can run any, we’ll be sure to let you know.


Are there any early ideas around training camp frequency once lockdown is lifted? Planning/family etc is always helpful in advance!

We’re currently looking into funding options for the unexpected extra year of the Invictus Programme. Once we have more clarity, we will then be able to start planning what training will look like. We will get an answer to you as soon as we can.


And finally, will the Invictus Games ever return to the UK?

We’d love to think the Invictus Games will return, but who knows? We’ll have to wait and see. The next iteration will be in Dusseldorf, Germany. Following that bidding will open again for future cities.


If there’s something you’d like to talk about during our next #HelpforHeroesHour please do get in touch.

Our next session will be very soon it’ll be great to see you and together #GetBritainTalking.