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Tuesday 15 December 2015

'Thank you' from H4H beneficiary Bernie Bambury

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A fourth-generation soldier, Bernie Bambury joined the Army as an Officer in 2000. He served all over the world for 12 years including tours of duty in Northern Ireland and Iraq. Driven by a naturally competitive spirit and love of the outdoors, it was while representing the Army in a winter training race as the captain of his Regimental skeleton-bob team that Bernie was injured. He was nearing the final corners of the race when his right leg cleared the side of the run and hit a wooden post at over 80mph. Despite finishing the race as the winner, Bernie had lost his foot which, as a front-line soldier, ended his military career. Bernie has expressed his gratitude to H4H for all the support offered to him and his family.

Dear Donors, fundraisers, wristband-wearers, runners, cyclists, cake-bakers and all other H4H supporters in your myriad colours and efforts,

Thank you.

Thank you firstly for caring. The simple fact that we know you are there gives enough hope to prevent many cases of depression and despair. You have undoubtedly already saved lives.

Thank you for raising so much money. Without it the bags of essential goodies for newly injured troops could never have been delivered.  The swimming pool at Headley Court would not have been built and neither would my disabled shower room.

Thank you for revitalising our country's pride in its servicemen. The care and love you have shown has echoed around the country most notably in Parliament where sweeping changes have improved the lot of not just the most recent casualties of service but of many soldiers who for too long had felt neglected and unrecognised.

Thank you for funding the incredibly energetic and dedicated staff at H4H. By buying hoodies, wristbands and the like you have employed a truly astonishing bunch of people. Without their energy there would be no Help for Heroes and certainly the contact to 'the blokes' would be far less inspiring.

Thank you with all my heart for being there for me and for all the others. Please don't go away. One way or another we're going to need you for the rest of our lives.