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Friday 13 October 2017

Running for her Heroes

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Tempy Pattinson, the girl who melted hearts across the country when she appeared in Facing it Together with Help for Heroes ambassador Simon Brown, will take part in a sponsored run next weekend. 

The five-year-old from Darlington is attempting to raise £1,500 by entering in the Darlington South Park parkrun on Saturday, October 14, a 5km course that caters for participants of all ages and sizes.

The challenge will be Tempy’s third since the age of three, having taken part in a 100m swim, and a sponsored Triathlon – raising more than £400.

Since Facing it Together, Tempy has struck up a firm friendship with Simon, and he marvelled at her achievements, and the determination to do her bit for fellow wounded Veterans.

Simon said: “I have been involved with Help for Heroes for almost ten years, and it is great to see someone so young helping to make a difference. The support I have received has meant so much to me it is all about inspiring the next generation to understand the need for this to continue.”

Tempy’s mum, Emily, praised her daughter for her compassion and empathy, and said that there would be a large group of family and friends dotted around the course in support.

She said: “I think she is amazing and has taken it all in her stride. She doesn’t see it as changing the world, but bit by bit.

“I am so proud of her and I am in awe of what Tempy is doing. She is so mature and caring, and always wants to help other people.”

Several of the five-year-old’s friends will also attempt the challenge with her, which her mum said would inspire her even more.

The Darlington South Park parkrun will start at 9am on Saturday 14 October.

Rally round and support Tempy’s 5k run by visiting Tempy’s JustGiving page