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Sunday 08 June 2014

Tartan Express Hero Ride - Day 6

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The Edinburgh to London Charity Bike Ride rolls on...

The day started with thunder and lightning at breakfast, leaving people with anxious feelings as we head out on our conducting machines of leg power. Moral was high for the shortest day since Edinburgh – Kelso on day one and not even the torrential rain in the morning after the first water stop could dampen spirits.

A special mention goes to Roger and his singing / dancing act as we cruised towards lunch, even with two punctures he kept warbling; don’t give up the day job!

Lunch saw us meeting up with the Northern Flyer, we even beat them into the stop with Tartan Bear there to welcome us all. As we left we bid farewell to Extreme Catering and Greg who had fed us all week amazingly.

Before we knew it we had flown through the last water stop with the sun high in the sky and an opportunity for a photo stop at the M25 before the last blast into Enfield.

Our last night together recognised some special talents. There was the now customary Jock o’ the North which was more than deservedly awarded to Kim for leaving her Saltire at the cricket club after lunch – after nagging us again about leaving our kit in rooms. Flying Scotsman went to Bee for her coaching and support all week. Jason the Medic won the coveted Caramel Wafer for supportive singing all week. The chaperones: Bee, Pete, Angie, Andy, Simon and Simon all won Lollipop awards for Road Safety. Then it came to the overall H4H awards with the True Grit Runner Up award going to Pippa for becoming a cyclist. The True Grit (great) winner went to Katie for overcoming everything all week. There was no question when it came to the winner of the Lovely in Lycra James and his budgie smugglers winning hands down with socks being stuffed… Finally, the Harry Long Award, representing everything that H4H stands for Enable, Inspire, Support went to Sean who had a smile on his face even when his backside was red raw. H4H has supported him Phoenix house has enabled him but he inspired us all.

The words of the day are: Drippings, London, Kilimanjaro, relief, tiara, awesome, funny, fabulous, achievement, legendary, ouch, premier, inn, again, fantastic, teary, piss-in-the-bushes!

This is the Tartan express signing out and saying ‘see you Jimmy’!

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