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Friday 06 June 2014

Tartan Express Hero Ride - Day 4

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Harrogate to Newark: 96 miles!

The Tartan Express speeds south and has completed 300 miles in 4 days.  Having spent our third day almost incessantly climbing the fourth day was the flattest; all things being relative!

The mood at breakfast was subdued but brightened with the “Where’s Wally?” outfits emerging one by one.  Most notable among the group were Sean, claiming the end of the day prize for best fancy dress, but also Kelly’s stripey stockings and Roger’s hats (made for him and Kelly)!  Who knew a guardsman could be so creative?

The weather was kind to us today… a little bit drizzly became a bit showery and decidedly blustery but by Newark the clouds were lifting and the sun was out. 

It may have been the longest day so far but for some it was not far enough because that 100mile target was within grasp; even if it meant nearly running over the Ride Lead as she eagerly applauded the end of the route!

The chat at dinner was decidedly lively so stand by for lots of tweeting!

Charlie now sports the coveted “Jock O’ the North” hat for brazen use of the chamois cream – you so would not want to be after him in the queue for jelly babies! And despite now being an “old man” Tony claimed the Flying Scotsman cape for his 100miles – 2 miles for every year of his age!

Today’s words were:

Fast; epic; hundred; crocodile; flat; gallon; windy; challenging; fun; achievement; gassy.  Sums it all up pretty well, even if Nelly’s first response was not quite as polite as “challenging”!

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