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Wednesday 19 April 2017

Fundraising monthly | Collecting in the supermarket

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Holding a public collection is another great way to raise funds and means you don’t have to completely rely on friends and family to reach your target. Follow this advice for getting started and give your fundraising a big boost. 

  1. Request permission

If you hold a collection in any public space you’ll need permission to do so. When approaching the local authority, land owner, or community champion, its best practice to include exactly what you want to do on their land and what you’re fundraising towards. The more information you can provide, the better chance you’ll have of receiving a positive response.

  1. Be seen

Stand in view of the public where they can easily approach you without being in the way. Don’t forget to request our supporter merchandise to draw people in, including decorative items such as banners, balloons and bunting. Order yours from

  1. Have fun

People love to see a smiling face. If you’re having fun, they’ll be more likely to approach you to donate and ask about your fundraising.

Top Tip! Don’t forget to order our Hero Bear mascot. He’s a great addition to any collection and has been known to increase fundraising too. Simply contact us on 01725 514169.

Fundraiser’s top tips

Matt carried out a supermarket collection for his Big Battlefield Bike Ride challenge. He told us how he made it a success.

Get in touch with a supermarket community champion

“I sent across a friendly email explaining what I wanted to do and how much I had to raise, along with my official letter of authorisation from Help for Heroes, and they booked me in. Send in your requests early though as their diary fills up fast.”

Pick a day you think might be the most lucrative

“I chose to collect on the first weekend of the school holidays in a busy leisure park supermarket. There were lots of families, so having Hero Bear there came in good use.”

Some supermarkets focus on specific charities

“It means some of your requests could be turned down, but don’t be put off. The more you send to a wide variety of locations, the more successful you’ll be.”

Take supporter merchandise

“All money raised through these items can go straight towards your fundraising total. It’s a great way of attracting attention to your stand and getting people to donate at the same time.”

People like to see you work for a donation

“As I was taking part in a cycling challenge, I took my bike and a turbo trainer with me. It intrigued the public and boosted my donations.”

Check with the site you’re fundraising at

Ask if you are covered under their public liability insurance or if you need to organise your own.