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Friday 04 July 2014

Stuck on a rock in a hard place for Help for Heroes...

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“There can be no place more desolate, despairing and awful” Lord Kennet, 1971. 

And this is where adventurer Nick Hancock is attempting to live alone for 60 days -‘Rockall’ - a rocky island 270 miles from Ireland and 290 miles from Scotland, described as one of the most inhospitable places on earth – and all to raise money for Help for Heroes.

Nick, from Ratho near Edinburgh, has already spent the past 30 days living in a converted water tank attached to Rockall. He is attempting to break 2 world records; the longest occupation of Rockall in history and the longest ever solo occupation.

To explain just how tough this challenge is, only four people have ever spent more than a few hours on Rockall and the previous record for a solo occupation of Rockall is 40 days and was set by Tom McClean in 1995.

As if the record attempt to survive alone in a converted water tank on an inhospitable rock in the middle of the sea wasn’t hard enough, Nick has been threatened by treacherous weather conditions. Earlier this week a horrendous storm washed away four barrels of supplies. There was nothing he could do but sit it out in his RockPod as the gale hit and large waves rolled in to the side of the rock he is on and swept over it for several hours.

Nick told his team: "It may be that I have lost barrels with more than two weeks of supplies. If that is the case, I may be unable to continue for 60 days as I had planned."

However, Nick is determined to break the world record and raise as much as he can for Help for Heroes and is still continuing his challenge. He plans to break the world record which is currently 42 days, he is currently on day 30.

Let’s support Nick on his amazing challenge, help him break the world record and raise as much as he can for H4H:

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