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Tuesday 06 February 2018

Simon and Lorraine's story

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Help for Heroes Band of Brothers Simon and Lorraine Spence will be preparing to celebrate their first anniversary this Valentine’s Day –  looking back on their wedding with a difference organised by their teenage son.

The couple appeared on television last September having a World War Two Home Guard themed wedding after son Cameron, 13, wrote to the CBBC show “Marrying Mum and Dad”.

The couple from East Lothian in Scotland had no idea of the wedding’s theme until the very last minute and were even blindfolded while getting ready. “We were completely in the dark until we got there, even our guests didn’t know the theme until the day before,” explained Simon.

Simon, 44, and Lorraine, 35, had been planning to get married but lack of finances had put their plans on hold. The ceremony took place in March 2017 in the Fisherrow Centre in Musselburgh in front of 40 guests, also dressed in WW2 themed clothes, and accompanied by a jazz band. The wedding cake even featured spam!

Simon said: “Cameron contacted the show and they sent someone up to see if we were suitable. It just snowballed from there. His great-grandad, who passed away a couple of years previously, was really into the Home Guards, so that was why we chose the theme. It was a really memorable day.”

Simon served with the Royal Logistic Corps for six years before leaving in 2001. Lorraine, who originally hails from Devon, was also in the forces but was medically discharged after completing her training.