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Tuesday 21 January 2020

Shelley Cooper's Diary - Part Two

Posted by: Help For Heroes

Wednesday 21st July:

I have been by your bedside now for 15 days.

GUTTED you are still asleep and less responsive than yesterday. You are off sedation and morphine so you should be coming around, but you seem to want to stay asleep. You have opened your eye to my voice but not for long.

Wednesday 28th July:

We have been by your bed now for three weeks; when you opened your eye you had a tear and I tried to reassure you everything would be ok. No matter what, no one will ever hurt you again. I wish I knew you understood me, but I have no idea. You looked at me for two hours which is an achievement on its own.

Thursday 29th July:

Today is our 16th (wedding?) anniversary. Will you give us the best present and wake up? Prince Charles and Camilla will be visiting - I would normally make sure I got a look in but today you come first. When I arrived at the ward to do your bed bath, I was told Prince Charles would come and speak to you, so I had best make you presentable.  He then came to your bed side, I asked you to open your eyes because Prince Charles had come to see you and you did, I was very impressed. He leant over and said hello to you. He asked about you and your injuries, He said never to let you lose your title of Kingsman. I said you would always be a Kingsman. He chatted about his grandmother and looked at your photos. He then left you a message in your diary:

“I was so pleased to see you briefly

and can only wish you as full a recovery as possible

it was a great pleasure to meet your mother

 who has been watching over you for 3 weeks.

Thank you for all your incredible service on our behalf.


A commander tapped him on the shoulder and said we need to move on. He then continued around the ward. I think we were talking too much, no surprises there I have been known for talking too much. 

Just when we were starting to feel positive our world collapsed again. The Neuro doctor said if you have a brain injury due to the blast you may not get any better, I just said if that were true you will still have the best life ever, you will do and see the things I know you would want to I will give up everything to make sure that happens.