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Tuesday 04 February 2020

Shelley Cooper's Diary - Part Three

Posted by: Help For Heroes

Friday 30th July

The ward doctor came and took me to a room with the nurse who was looking after you. I knew then it was not going to be good but had no idea just how bad things were about to get.  He tried to explain in medical terms saying you had a serious brain injury, then told me in plain English. The way he described it, your brain had shaken inside your skull causing a shearing effect so it’s like friction that has damaged your nerve ends. He said you may get a little better than where you are at now but will need full nursing care. I was not expecting the devastation he had just thrown at me. I was numb my head felt like it was going to explode. What else could possibly go wrong for you? life is so unfair. I called everyone to let them know, No one could believe what I was saying. The whole family are devastated. But, we will have to move on because you need us. After I had calmed down I came back to your bedside and asked the nurse if I had understood the doctor and you have a serious brain injury he said yes and as I looked at you all I could think was what kind of life are you going to have. I want you to know you will have the best quality of life I can give you.

Saturday 1st August

I was at the hospital bright and early. I felt very saddened seeing you there knowing you may always depend on people to this extent. I kept thinking of the day you left for Afghan laughing and joking carrying that huge bag J it was bigger than you.

We haven’t had much from you today you seem to just want to sleep. You have lost loads of weight and our concerns were passed onto your nurse. A cloth fell onto your face when the nurse was dealing with you which really upset me because it made me realise how much you will need us to help you. You were so helpless. Once again, I just cried. I seem to do a lot of that because out of all the kids you were the only one who didn’t depend on us for anything. Now you were the most vulnerable dependant person I had ever known.

Thursday 6th August

Today I said “come on Anthony let’s do what the doctor said and stick your tongue out” OMG you started smiling. I burst into tears and called the nurse to see so she could document it. She ran down the ward for Dad which was so funny as she was about seven months pregnant and I thought she might give birth! Loads of other soldiers’ relatives were rushing forward saying “well-done mate”. I kept telling you I had waited forever for a sign and you had smiled. By the time Dad got there, you had stopped, and he asked me if it was just wind. I said: “no he really was smiling”. Then you laughed and he saw it. It was amazing, we were so happy.