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Thursday 13 February 2020

Shelley Cooper's Diary - Part Four

Posted by: Help For Heroes

Thursday, 2nd September

Yesterday you had your first breath of fresh air since you were injured and today you said “hello” for the first time. Well you can imagine how excited we were to hear that. It was a very slow slurred “hello”, but it was clear enough for us to understand. Naturally I was on the phone to everyone. It was so exciting. After all they have said you won’t do or say anything. Words can’t express our feelings at this point, “you are so amazing” we kept saying to you.

Wednesday, 29th September

Just 12 weeks after you were injured you were off to Headley Court, the defence medical rehabilitation centre. We were all optimistic now because we had heard so many wonderful things about Headley Court.

Friday, 8th October

You tried to brush your own teeth and got a specially adapted fork to your mouth, it was so fantastic to see you try so hard to get on. We knew then you were never going to give up. Things really started to move on. Every time we saw you there were so many changes. Physio was really doing well with you. Suddenly you appeared stronger and fitter and were eager to move forward.

The next week we had our first family meeting which was all about the kind of goals they expect from you, they said recovery will be slow because they are not used to someone a severely injured as you. They usually either have the physical injuries or the head injuries but you just had to have it all, so you are a new entity for them.

The second family meeting we had recently was after an MRI scan, and your doctor came up very close and said: “I am sorry to tell you this, but Anthony has the worst blast brain injury they have ever seen in 25 years.” I just shrugged and said: “But that does not matter, he is making excellent recovery and he will prove no matter what, you will get to where you are going.”