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Thursday 19 July 2018

Sandy Docherty is proud to Bake for Heroes again

Posted by: Help For Heroes | Categories: Fundraising

Great British Bake Off contestant and Help for Heroes supporter, Sandy Docherty thinks Bake for Heroes is the perfect way to get involved. It also helped with her own well-being and confidence. 

“I went on Great British Bake Off to prove to myself that I was ‘OK’. I was feeling inadequate and without purpose. I never dreamed that baking would bring me such comfort and a real sense of achievement.” While struggling with personal challenges of her own, Sandy recognised a way she could help show her support for the charity and those we help, she said, "having met many of the fabulous Veterans being supported by Help for Heroes, I knew that I had to share my knowledge, love and understanding of baking. What better way to do this than through Bake for Heroes?"Sandy went on to explain that it is the inclusive nature of baking which made her realise it is an easy way to get involved and a wonderful way to support others, “Baking has a universal language and barriers can be broken down when we share and cook together. Cake can say ‘I'm here’, ‘I understand’, ‘I don't understand but I appreciate’. It can say, ‘welcome’. It can say whatever you need it say.”Sandy doesn’t underestimate the positive impact hosting a Bake for Heroes event can have, and encourages everyone to get involved, “Please bake. It can make the world a better place. Well, if not the world, your community – but it’s a good place to start!”.