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Friday 15 May 2015

Roy Taylor: Recovery in Poetry

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Roy Taylor served with the Royal Navy in the Falklands and was eventually diagnosed with PTSD in 2010. One of our partner charities, Combat Stress, referred him to Help for Heroes as he was struggling with motivation, poor sleep and high levels of anxiety interspersed with low mood.

He first came to us in July 2014 to take part in our Rolling Recovery Programme – a series of activities run at our Recovery Centres, specifically designed to aid an individual’s recovery. It involves sports-related activities such as seated volleyball and indoor skiing to wellbeing activities such as art, yoga and woodland events.

In his words, Roy came to Help for Heroes to: ‘get myself in a better frame of mind and learn new ways of coping to improve my life and future’. He did some work with the Psychological Wellbeing team at Tedworth House Recovery Centre in Wiltshire, to focus on improving his mood and outlook. The team also helped by refreshing his coping strategies and utilising Mindfulness as a tool, something he was already using. 

Roy engaged with all of the Recovery activities at Tedworth House, finding the Sensory sessions particularly helpful in restoring a healthy sleep pattern. He also found the complimentary therapies and yoga hugely beneficial.

Roy is passionate about helping others to understand and manage their own mental health problems, so he continues to overcome personal challenges by sharing his experiences with other Veterans.

He took part in a creative writing workshop at Tedworth House and his interest in poetry flourished.  

Recognising that his mood was very low and he was withdrawing, Roy recently applied to return to Tedworth House for a few days to ‘reset’ himself. The visit was hugely beneficial and inspired Roy’s latest poetry.

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