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Saturday 07 June 2014

Northern Flyer Hero Ride Day 3

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Northampton to Enfield – 68 miles

Today's weather started with drizzle, progressed to torrential rain, and ended with sunshine - nothing our plucky Northern Flyers couldn't handle. The morning was a little lumpy, the afternoon was a little grippy and the last section was a bit naughty, to be honest - thanks to Adam for that informative terrain assessment.

Colin the Cockerel update: Colin decided to accompany bike chaperone Bob, renamed William Shatnav due to his inability to tell his left from his right. Last night we also awarded our Hero of the Day to Jennifer for extreme courage in the face of exhaustion "I am NOT getting off this bike".

The first water stop at the Flitwick Leisure Centre saw us all snuggled under the gazebo to shelter temporarily from the torrential rain, however, spirits were very high and Carlos and Tim were caught misbehaving. We were visited by Martin and budding footballer, Louis, who made a very generous donation and after a nice hot drink the riders were gently pushed back out in the rain to set off for lunch.

On the way to the lunch one of our riders, Paul, spotted that Jeremy Clarkson must have stopped by and dropped off his autobiography on the roadside (yes, it really was there!) but sadly they were all moving too fast to stop and pick it up.  At the lunch stop we met up with the Tartan Express riders and even bumped into Tartan Hero Bear looking very smart in his kilt. The riders took a little time out to watch a cricket match in the sunshine and then, after popping on their Where's Wally outfits, they set off again. 

At our final dinner together Colin the Cockerel decided to spend his last day with Robin for falling off his bike doing about 1 1/2 mph whilst on someone's front drive (no, we don’t know why he was there either!). And the Hero of the Day? Well that went to Robin too for getting up afterwards and carrying on despite damaging his ribs in the epic fall!

We also awarded three very special awards tonight. The Harry Long Award went to our Band of Brother Luke who the support team felt had shown great strength of character by helping others, sharing his story and being an inspiration to everyone on the ride. All our blokes, Luke, Jamie, Adam and Gary were a huge asset to the team and it was a privilege to spend time with them.

The True Grit Award went to David for an amazing effort in completing the ride in pain, with multiple injuries and without complaining. A very deserving winner.

Finally, the Lovely in Lycra award, despite stiff competition from gorgeous Rebecca and even more gorgeous Roger (aka Thighs!) went to Nick...judge for yourself...

And finally…just some of the epic, amazing and totally awesome Team Northern Flyer (the rest were in the bar… probably!) that will be completing the final leg of their journey in London by joining up with hundreds of other cyclists in the Hero Ride.

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