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Thursday 07 January 2016

New Year, New Me?

Posted by: Help For Heroes | Categories: General

Is it me or is the whole country suffering from back to work-itis or is it just a massive countrywide post Christmas hangover?

Before Christmas we were being told to eat drink and be merry and now we are being told to be dry, vegan and miserable. It may be a New Year but I'm not sure I'm that ready to be a New Me.

So, what¹s to be done? Pour a huge glass of something alcoholic, unwrap a double man-sized choccy bar of something wonderfully calorific and sink into a stupor in front of a box set only to wake up in the spring?

Sorry people, I know that's tempting but it's 2016! It's here, the Christmas tree is gone, the lights are down and like it or not we need to get on with life; the hibernation is over and we need to come out of our burrows.

Emma and I signed up for the Burma Bike Ride last year when it seemed like a good idea. Now it¹s only a few weeks away and we are told it's a "tough challenge" So, I've got to get fit just when I don't feel like it.

On Monday I got dragged along to a torture called "Spinning" and tonight I'm being taken back there again. I thought that I might pass away after the first twenty minutes and after thirty, there were reports of flooding from my corner of the hell hole that is the spinning class. There was so much water on the floor that we thought that Storm Frank had passed.

So, do I feel like doing this challenge? Absolutely not!

But I will do it and so will thousands of other unfit, decent ordinary people decide that their lives are pretty good while others' are not. They all understand that they can make a difference to the lives of others and at the same time feel so much better about themselves.

One of the privileges of working at H4H is being able to see at first hand lives being rebuilt. We see young men and women who think there is no point in living, getting the gleam back in their eye as they look forward to the next day once again. That's amazing, wonderful, special and it happens daily.

So while I'm sitting here thinking that I'd rather just tuck into a big bowl of something comforting, washed down with a glass of something warming, I have to think about those blokes, our men and women, our boys and girls who would just love to take on a 'tough challenge' but can¹t...Just living is tough enough for now.

Ok. So I'm going to just have to take some "Man up pills" and get on my bike; I've convinced myself. I'm not looking forward to it but I will feel better afterwards and then, in March, I will do the ride with some special people and feel better for that as well. They call it a challenge and it's not meant to be easy. The point to all this though, is that I have a choice that others would love to have.

New Year..Yup, it's here, no hiding from the fact. New year New Me. The big question is what are you going to do about it?

Onwards and Upwards into 2016!