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Friday 27 May 2016

Mail on Sunday

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Below is a message from Bryn that we are sending to our supporters over the course of the weekend. Here it is available as an open letter.

Dear H4H supporters.

On 7 and 14 Feb, 2016, The Mail on Sunday carried articles that reported that the Army was investigating H4H. The newspaper published those articles based on information from the Ministry of Defence which has subsequently proven to be wrong and the Mail on Sunday is now satisfied that there is no investigation into H4H from the Army.

H4H is very grateful to the Mail on Sunday for its apology. We recognise that the Mail on Sunday acted in good faith and accept the apology from a newspaper that we have enjoyed a good relationship with in the past and look forward to in future. We are very appreciative of this sincere approach and we thank all involved for their approach to this difficult matter.

This is the apology as it appears in the print edition of the paper on Sunday 29 May, and which will be on the Mail Online website for the next 24 hours:

An article on February 14 headed ‘Top General’s investigation into ‘impropriety’ at Help for Heroes’ reported Ministry of Defence statements that inquiries were being made about allegations concerning a Help for Heroes recovery centre. The MOD has now changed its previous statements and says there is not, nor has there been, any investigation. We are now satisfied that there is no investigation into H4H from the Army. We apologise for the confusion and any embarrassment these conflicting statements have caused to H4H.

I am incredibly grateful to all our volunteers, supporters and partners for your dedication to improving the lives of 'the blokes'.