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Tuesday 23 June 2015

Luke Cameron has the "Nicest Job in Britain". Last week he met H4H and then conquered Hero Ride!

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Last week, as Hero Ride truly gained momentum across the country, Luke Cameron paid the Help for Heroes family a visit. Luke's life revolves around helping out a different charity every week, earning him the title of having the Nicest Job in Britain.

Not only did Luke meet the H4H team - from Downton to the Tin Hut - but he took on Hero Ride West 100, and what an effort he put in! Luke dug deep and finished Hero Ride to meet up with the rest of the riders in Windsor. Below is an excerpt from his blog, and a link you can use to read the entire thing.

"If I am honest I think the icing on the cake was my hour spent making 'good luck' phone calls to people who were holding events. One in particular will always stay with me.

"I phone a guy called James; he was holding a raffle at a wedding. As I wished him luck and a nice time he told me it was his wedding to his long-term girlfriend. He has just come back from serving 2 years in Afghanistan and finally got the chance to get down on one knee. I of course congratulated him and as I did, he burst into tears. So touched by a simple call from the charity to say hello and congratulations he broke down on the phone. This was his icing on a lovely wedding cake."