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Friday 10 April 2015

Kevin and Gary Wright complete their Arctic Ice Challenge for H4H

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Kevin and Gary Wright have taken part in an amazing Antarctic Challenge in support of Help for Heroes, along with their faithful teddy 'Socks', who belongs to Kevin's grandchildren.

The two brothers undertook their frozen challenge, having met up in Buenos Aires, Argentina. From here they took flight towards the most southerly town in the world, Ushuaia, and onwards by sea to the frozen wilderness of the 7th Continent.

After braving winds of 70 knots and a 6 metre swell, Kevin and Gary got a 'breathtaking' first view of Antarctica. With a full moon to port and the rising sun to starboard, they were left awestruck with shivers down their spine. After getting acquainted with the local residents, some very lovable penguins, Kevin and Gary joined the rest of the exhibition to start their icey challenges. These included climbing a glacier and a mountain, crossing crevasses, snow-shoeing and camping on the ice. They were also priviledge to cruise with Humpback and Minke Whales!!

However, their main priority was to raise funds for Help for Heroes, so after sailing to a place called the Grave Yard, where up to 100 icebergs with nowhere to escape to, some magnificent at over 100ft tall, provided them with the perfect opportunity to take to their kayaks. They spent the next three hours rowing from iceberg to iceberg, with Socks going along for the ride. After being called back to the ship the two adventurers climbed to a spot of outstanding beauty to open a very special bottle of Shackleton's Whisky (which will return to the UK to be auctioned for Help for Heroes) for a 'wee taste' whilst flying the Union Jack.

With their challenges completed, Kevin and Gary continued to enjoy the rest of their expedition, and returned to the UK with Socks, an abundance of stories to tell their grandchildren, and having reached their fantastic £2000.00 target.

To show your support of Kevin and Gary's amazing adventure donate to their Bmycharity page.