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Friday 28 October 2016

Guest Post | Charity checks-in for some welcome R&R

Posted by: Help For Heroes | Categories: Beneficiaries

Following a successful weekend hosting some families from local Cornish charities, CLC World Resorts & Hotels opened their Hustyns Resort doors again, this time to beneficiaries from a truly worthwhile cause.

CLC World was fortunate enough to welcome some ex-Servicemen, women and their families from Help for Heroes – and their partners and families – to spend a weekend in the ample grounds in Cornwall.

Sadly those afflicted by limiting injuries and illnesses, or those who may have developed more psychological wounds, can find free time hard to come by or afford. So CLC World had the delightful idea to offer some of their 4-star rooms so they might be able to give something back, in some way, to these remarkable people.

Sandra Marshall, one of the guests, had this to say following her weekend of relaxation in the Cornish countryside, “to say that nothing was too much trouble for the staff is an understatement.

“Thank you so much for opening our eyes to such a hidden jewel in the Cornish countryside. We would really like to take this opportunity to thank [CLC World] and Help for Heroes for giving us the ability to unwind in such a relaxing environment.”

Nestled in the idyllic Cornish countryside the 100-acre Hustyns estate comes complete with sauna, steam room, a fully-equipped gym, swimming pool, crazy golf and luxury hotel rooms which were all made available to these oh-so deserving guests for some much needed R&R and pampering.

Another couple who enjoyed their stay were Chris & Leigh-Ann Jones, Chris who sadly damaged both legs in active service, added ‘the resort was lovely, both the physical environment and the staff, our room was particularly comfortable and that helped us to thoroughly enjoy our stay!

‘We would find it very hard to get a weekend break like that under normal circumstances, but I guess that's because our circumstances aren't very normal. I still marvel at the fact that there are companies out there who are willing to offer opportunities like this to Help for Heroes, so that they can pass those opportunities on to people like us.’

Since 2007, Help for Heroes has been aiding those who have served, or continue to serve, their country and as a result have incurred injuries and afflictions that make living everyday life a constant challenge. The work they do varies greatly but the output is always the same – ‘Help for Heroes strives to achieve the best for men and women of Great Britain’s Armed Forces.’

Mr. Jones went on to praise the impact Help for Heroes has had on his life ‘I guess the biggest thing H4H have done for me is to provide psychological support and help in accessing appropriate treatment. H4H provide an all-encompassing type of support, which means I can get help with a very wide range of problems that other organisations may not necessarily know how to deal with, but they are also able to link me into organisations that I otherwise would never have heard of, to provide specialist help where needed.’

CLC World chose to work with Help for Heroes so they could give something back to those who dedicate their lives for the freedom of others; and with a total of 20 guests staying over, the weekend was a resounding success and one CLC World Resorts & Hotels were honoured to be able to host. So much so, in fact, they will be flinging open their doors once again for another charity weekend in October.