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Thursday 02 February 2017

Help for Heroes' continued grant funding support

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Help for Heroes is pleased to announce we will be continuing our financial support to Step Together Volunteering (STV) and Horseback UK. The new £80,000 grant to STV marks the sixth year of our partnership. A pilot study was carried out by Step Together in 2011 aiming to prove the impact of volunteering as a tool to recovery, re-training and rehabilitation among injured Service Personnel. The study was supported by Help for Heroes funding, and the benefits of using volunteering to support both rehabilitation and career transition are now widely acknowledged.

Since then, Help for Heroes has supported Step Together’s Rehabilitation through Volunteering programme to provide hands-on support to more than 1,750 wounded, injured and sick personnel to engage in community volunteering opportunities. The new grant of £80,000 means that to date, Help for Heroes has provided grant funding of £520,446 to support the programme over the last six years.

Mike Silvey, CEO of Step Together, said: "It goes without saying that we are thrilled with the continuation of support from Help for Heroes, without which we simply would not be able to reach all those that need support. Step Together are proud of our close relationship and partnership with Help for Heroes, which has made this programme so effective over the years. Thank you for all your help and constant support."

Help for Heroes has been involved with HorseBack UK since the early days of the Charity, after recognising its potential to provide a unique outdoor recovery pathway, using a combination of equine therapy, the outdoors and adventure training to help individuals regain confidence and mobility, and to rebuild and move forward into their future.

To date, Help for Heroes has provided over £1m of grant funding to support the charity, and recently awarded an additional £150,000 to fund the delivery of 10 courses, benefiting up to 100 wounded, injured and sick.

Emma Hutchison, founder of Horseback UK, said: “H4H have been major funders of HorseBack UK from the beginning. Without their belief and support both financially and otherwise, HorseBack would not be where it is today. The £150,000 grant not only contributes largely to the course costs but also forms a basis on which many other grants and funds are raised.”

Claire Barnes, Head of Grants at Help for Heroes, added: “H4H is all about getting the very best support to the wounded Servicemen and women and their families whose lives are changed by their injuries and illness. We are delighted to be able to work with other organisations and the Service’s own charities to ensure that the wounded and their relatives get the speedy support and opportunities they so richly deserve.”