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Wednesday 08 June 2016

£1 million grant awarded to Combat Stress

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We are delighted to announce a £1 million grant to fund part of the cost of operating Combat Stress’ UK-wide network of Community Teams in 2016/17.

The support offered by these 15 Community Teams across the UK is an essential part of Combat Stress’ services, helping veterans rebuild their lives within their own communities.  The Teams provide Veterans with access to specialist help and support for their mental health conditions.

Maintaining and restoring the psychological wellbeing of our beneficiaries is at the centre of everything we do – through our Sports Recovery programmes, Career Recovery, fellowship groups and Welfare support, as well as through our Hidden Wounds psychological wellbeing service.

This service provides free and confidential support for Veterans and Armed Forces family members struggling with anxiety, depression, stress and anger. We have always worked closely with Combat Stress to ensure that those in need of more specialist support, such as for PTSD, can get the expert help they need.

Tim Hollingbery, Clinical Lead at Help for Heroes, said: “Help for Heroes have been supporting Combat Stress since 2009, and are delighted to announce a new £1 million grant for 2016/17. Through Combat Stress, we’ll be continuing our support to Veterans of all conflicts from Northern Ireland to the Balkans and beyond.”

Research by King’s College London and Help for Heroes, published earlier this year, states that at least 66,000 Service Personnel and Veterans who served between 1991 and 2014 currently need, or will need, support. Not all of them realise that they might benefit from help – either through the MoD, the NHS, the DWP or charities like Help for Heroes and Combat Stress. Your support enables us to continue showing the 66,000 that we are all here to help them.

 Sue Freeth, Chief Executive of Combat Stress, added: “We are really grateful for this significant grant and it demonstrates the shared ambition both parties involved have – to support veterans who need help. Our Community Teams are a key part of the service we offer, which also includes three residential treatment centres in Ayrshire, Shropshire and Surrey.” 

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