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Monday 27 March 2017

Beneficiary Glenn Parker hiking Everest to support other Heroes

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Glenn Parker served with the 3rd Battalion Parachute Regiment, before his military career was cut short after he was seriously assaulted. He is now a Senior Personal Trainer at Ultimate Performance in Mayfair.

"During my time in various UK military hospitals, I received the most outstanding medical care possibly anywhere in the world. My rehabilitation defined in me the belief that I could go on, despite medical opinion, and still lead a full, active, fit, healthy and strong life, be it away from the Army. I am proud of the career I have carved out for myself as a Senior Personal Trainer since I left the Army, but I know that's where it all started for me, and I am who I am today, in the most part because of what I learned there.

‘Coming to the end of 2016, I was looking for a purpose. I had brought myself back from a place of despair into having a very happy life. I wanted to show other Veterans that no matter how low they feel now, there are people outside in the civilian world that care. So, I spoke to my partner Jessica and we decided to hike to Everest Base Camp in 2017. Now it is our great privilege to be able to give back to those who, often find themselves in the same situation that I was in more than 15 years ago – with life changing injuries and having to find a life away from the Forces.”

Before they left we asked Glenn and Jessica a few questions about their adventure:

What are you most excited and most nervous about?

We are both excited about many things, the challenge, the adventure, the camaraderie, meeting different types of people, creating new friends and of course having hit our fundraising target for the cause! Most nervous? The unknown, most definitely. We have never done anything like this before, let alone, how we will react to high altitude!

How have you found the fundraising?

Fundraising can seem like a daunting process at first, I must admit, I was very nervous about us hitting our target. Let alone beat it! But, as I started to spread the word, and of course, people saw that I was generally interested, or should I say cared about what I was trying to achieve, they started finding it inspiring to them. It made them want to donate. We have found the experience, a learning process but very enjoyable.

What has setting this goal taught you about yourself?

I can keep dreaming, creating goals and finding a purpose. Ever since starting this campaign, I have used ideas that I never would have had the opportunity to use without this sense of responsibility. Creating a blog, fundraising, public speaking (to an audience of nearly 400 people!), meeting new friends, creating new adventures, all while providing a positive subject for people to see in such a negative world.

For more information, you can read Glenn and Jessica’s blog, and read more about trekking for Help for Heroes.