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Wednesday 01 November 2017

Fundraising Idea | giving your fundraising a voice

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Getting your fundraising story out in the local press can be a great way to increase awareness of what you are doing, encourage involvement and ultimately help you boost your target!


No matter where you live, there will be a local newspaper or radio station who will be looking for new, interesting and engaging stories in the area to talk about. Research what is available in your area and then get in touch. Local media love to hear local news.

Make friends

Make the first move by calling up and speaking to someone. Talking over the phone gives you the perfect opportunity to share how passionate you are about your event and the exciting plans that you would like the public to get involved in. Explain why you need their help and why you are fundraising for Help for Heroes.

Create a press release

Offer to send a press release to the paper or news station. Use our how-to guide to ensure your statement is snappy and to the point. You want people to support with your fundraising, so be as creative and passionate as you can. People are interested in something different and fun, so make sure your fundraising activities are just that. And don’t forget to provide a link to your Just Giving page, click here for our JustGiving top tips.

Keep your story in the public eye!

For the best response, keep the momentum up. If the media decides to run your story in the paper, online or radio, share as much as you can on social media and ensure your Just Giving page is up to date. Why not design a poster and refer to your recent coverage?

Help for Heroes fundraiser puts it all into practice!

Two Help for Heroes supporters, Mandy Falloon and Glenn Parker, got in touch with their local media for coverage, helping them smash their fundraising targets.

Glenn Parker, a Help for Heroes Band of Brother, is trekking Everest Base Camp on the 11 of November with his partner Jess. Glenn has had personal support from Help for Heroes during his recovery and wanted to give something back. His friends in the fitness industry agreed to help him reach his target and did an article on his inspiring story.

Mandy Falloon has been supporting Help for Heroes for many years by taking part in several of our cycling challenges, particularly the Big Battlefield Bike Ride. Each year Mandy puts on a local festival to fundraise for Help for Heroes, providing the community with a fantastic day out. The local media’s involvement in promoting the event means Mandy raises thousands of pounds and puts on a tremendous fundraiser for her friends to enjoy every year.

Make use of your contacts

As a successful personal trainer, Glenn knew the importance of keeping in touch with contacts he had already made: “My main tactic was to contact all the people I knew in the media. On Twitter, I knew friends in the fitness industry. I contacted the editor of a popular fitness magazine and asked if she could spread the word. She messaged me back and we discussed a potential advertisement in their magazine. Two months later, it happened.”

Just ask!

Sometimes all you need to do is ask the question! You’ll never know if you don’t ask and Glenn has proved it is worthwhile: “If you have a story to tell, please tell it. Just asking the question could get you the chance to advertise your fundraising and therefore provide you with a great opportunity to raise some funds.”

Provide enough time

To get your local media on board, let them know in advance as soon as possible: “I always do it at least a few months in advance, so they can book you in to their schedule” says Mandy. This will allow you to build a relationship and prepare everything needed for the coverage.

Keep the connection

Having your local media’s involvement with promoting your fundraising is fantastic and can be hugely beneficial, so don’t forget to keep in touch: “They will love that you are local!” Mandy’s hard work with her local newspaper meant they continued to support her year on year with her fundraising, encouraging more and more people to attend her events!