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Monday 09 October 2017

Fundraising Idea | Hire Hero Bear

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Why use the Bear?

Hero Bear is a great pull at collections and fundraising events, everyone loves to have their picture taken with him (especially the kiddies!) and often give a donation to do so, this can increase your donations by a third!

Which Bear?

We have several different types of bears for you to pick from Army, RAF, Navy, Marine and Tartan Bear.  Meaning you can pick which one is best suited to your collection or event so, have a think about where you will be. For example, if you’re at an air show RAF bear would maybe work the best whereas, if you are in a navy area then Navy bear could be the bear for you.

How do I get a Bear?

Once you’ve decided whether your event could benefit from a bear and which bear would be best, you will need to complete a Hero Bear request form and send it to our logistics team at The sooner you get your request in the more chance you will have of getting the bear that you want.

The Bear Suit:

You will need someone to wear the suit (if you’re not going to yourself!), it does get quite warm in there so we recommend they are only in the suit for 20-minute stints. Visibility is poor so they will need a buddy to lead them around, this person can also carry a bucket to collect the donations from those coming to say hello to the bear.

Returning the Bear:

We ask that you arrange the collection of the bear on the next working day after the event has taken place.

We pay for the Interlink delivery, you just need to organise it, and this can be done up to 4 days in advance of when you need to send it back.

Staff Story | Kelly Thompson

Our Events Team are busy fundraising just like you! Kelly Thompson whose been part of the team since April 2017 took part in a collection at a working dog club fun weekend and raised money with Hero Bear

What was your fundraising event?

We did a collection at the Alaskan Malamute Working Association’s Fun Weekend, where we had a table set up with information about the charity and had a collection tin with wrist bands. Hero Bear also walked around to meet everyone and even took part in a dog show!

Why did you decide to use the Bear?

The bear is a great pull as people love to have their picture taken with him.

What bear did you request and why?

I requested the Army bear as within the club there is a lot of ex service personnel who served in the Army. The surrounding area also has a high number of Army camps so he felt like the best fit.

How do you think the bear helped your fundraising?

Hero Bear is a great attraction, when he is there people who may not normally approach you do so. The children love him and love to come across for a high five or a hug!

With the adults he can bring the kid out in most or encourage a bit of banter, especially between the different forces, they love to tease the bear especially if they’re from a different service.

Would you recommend the use of the bear and any advice for fundraisers using the bear?

I would really recommend the use of Hero Bear, not only does he help increase donations but he is also great fun to have at a collection.

Practically though when you wear a Hero Bear suit it can get very warm which is great in the winter but not so much in the summer! Make sure you stay hydrated and take plenty of breaks.

One final tip would be to make sure you have a great guide to lead the Bear around as visibility is not great. I will definitely be using Hero bear again, just to decide which bear next!