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Friday 11 January 2019

Fundraising Idea - organise a sports tournament

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Fundraisers Shaun and Emma Patrick joined the Angkor Watt trek in Cambodia in 2018, raising an incredible £16,598 for the Charity. To help with their fantastic fundraising total, they organised a Golf Day at a local course, with an auction and a three-course dinner at the end of the competition. They share their top tips from the day, which could easily be adapted to a sport of your choice: tennis, chess, swimming - get creative!

Be organisedChoose a date well in advance. This is critical to the success of the day, so pick a date away from busy work months, and try to avoid similar events going on in the area. Give your invitees as much notice as you can so they can save the date. That way you will have as many guests as possible.

Choose your locationWrite to three or four golf courses in your area and see who has availability for the date chosen. It’s worth having a couple of dates in mind, just in case they are already booked.

Negotiate a dealExplain from the start that your tournament is for charity, and negotiate a package to suit your event. Why not see if they will welcome competitors with bacon rolls and coffee on arrival, or provide dinner afterwards? You won't know unless you ask!

DelegateOnce the details of your event have been agreed, appoint a member of your team to look after the golf side of things, who fully understands the details of the game. They'll need to be aware of how handicaps and scoring work to ensure the day runs smoothly.And the winner is...Ahead of the event you may want to buy trophies to award your competitors with a presentation at the end. A few examples are 'winners', 'runners up', 'longest drive' or 'nearest the pin', but you could choose any that suit your event.

Going once, going twicePut together a few auction items, ideally golf or sports related, to finish your day on a high. Try writing to local contacts for your prizes; it’s amazing how many organisations, celebrities or businesses may be able to send you signed shirts, memorabilia, tickets, or other prizes.Keep us in the loopThere may be a Help for Heroes team member in your area who could come along and do a presentation about the charity, or why not get Hero Bear to join you for the day if you have children attending?Capture the momentOn the day, have a photographer on hand to take plenty of shots of the players. You can send these on afterwards to remind them of a great day - you might even get them booked in for your next event. You could also send them in to your local newspaper to get some press coverage in your area.Keep it funThe key thing is to make the day as enjoyable as possible! That way everyone will want to make as much money as possible for the charity, and get involved again.