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Tuesday 13 November 2018

Fundraising Idea - Games and Competitions

Posted by: Help For Heroes

There are so many ways to chip away at your final fundraising target – you don’t need to depend on a big, one-day fundraising event. Simple fundraising ideas can be spread across the year, meaning your target will be closer after each event, and you can break up the week with an activity with friends and family, or with colleagues on your lunch break.

Fundraiser Jules Adcock is no stranger to adventure, having already taken on the Cambodia and Ben Nevis by Night treks in support of the Charity. Jules held a Fun Day in a large pub garden and used a ‘Name the Bear’ competition to help boost her fundraising.

Jules explains: “I ran this competition between 11 am and 5 pm on a single day and made £76 in donations. The kids loved it and the parents did, too. I even had a parent come to me afterwards to thank me for my hard work and they donated £10 there and then! Days like these are why I love fundraising; the interaction with the public is my reward.”

Name the BearWhy not buy a Help for Heroes bear, and for a suggested £1 donation the public can guess the name of the bear. Pick a list of names that are appealing, cute or fun. As Jules discovered: “I find that mums tend to choose ‘Goose’ or ‘Maverick’ from Top Gun for RAF Hero Bear! Most people will have a go and children will want to guess, too – so the donations quickly add up.”

Make a list Print off your list of bear names – you could find some ideas online, or create your own list. Jules usually has about 100 names, but it's up to you. Think about how big the event is as you don't want to run out of names when you could be making more in donations. Spread the wordMake a flyer or poster to promote what you’re doing, or walk around with leaflets when asking for donations. Remember to take a clipboard and pen so that everyone can have their go!

Don’t be shyDon't be afraid to approach and ask people to get involved, but be respectful if they're not interested. Being approachable and smiley is a must, and what’s more, people will want to support you after you have made a connection with them.

And the winner is… Once all the names are taken, cut the sheet into strips and put them all in a bowl, and ask someone to pull the winning name out. The person picked out wins the bear and the name!

Feeling inspired to try a fundraising competition? Here are a few other ideas:

  • Guess the number of sweets in a jar
  • Advent calendar of daily challenges
  • Sweepstake competitions
  • Raffle or tombola
  • A sponsored silence