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Monday 03 July 2017

Fundraising Idea | fundraise at work

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Fundraising at work can be a great way to increase awareness about what you are doing and why, as well as raising more money.

Choose an event

There are so many ways to fundraise at work. Hold a raffle, have a cake sale, guess how many sweets in a jar, do a sponsored car wash or enjoy an organised lunch. Once you have decided on your event you will need to think about where it will be. Wherever you hold it, make sure there is enough space.

Check in with your boss

When you have a plan for your fundraising, request a meeting with your boss to gain permission to hold it at work and ensure that it doesn’t clash with anything else. You may also find that your employer may be able to assist you in some way, including with prizes, the matched giving scheme or allowing time in your working day to do the collection.

Spread the word

Make sure everyone knows about the event well in advance. Put posters up, send out emails to all your colleagues and if you have a work social media platform get it on there so you can reach as many people as possible. Don’t forget word of mouth, get chatting to everyone during breaks and by the photocopier or have a water cooler moment.

Keep everyone updated

Keep the event fresh in everyone’s mind. Update details and send out information on the work Help for Heroes does and what a difference donations can make.

Fundraising tools

When you register with us, ask one of our friendly coordinators and we will be able to organise a fundraising pack to help your event stand out. This includes banners, balloons, posters, bunting, stickers, wristbands, lapel pins and a collection tin.

Simply contact our Supporter Merchandise team on 01725 514 169 or

Jo Pearce, a Help for Heroes fundraiser, chose to take on the mighty Kilimanjaro in 2016 to raise funds for our wounded and their families. To help generate more fundraising, Jo called on her colleagues to get behind her and dig deep in their pockets by enjoying some yummy grub on a cold January day!

Chilli for Kili was a hit in her office with her homemade Mexican feast selling out in under five minutes! To spread the word and garner support, Jo used Help for Heroes branded posters throughout the offices, spoke to as many people as she could and utilised the businesses intranet. She made sure that as many people as possible knew not just about her incredible challenge, but also the reason behind her supporting Help for Heroes.

While Jo decided to cover costs herself as they were only £20, reasonable costs can be covered by fundraising as long as you tell everyone who donates to you that this is what you plan to do. Overall, with one event, Jo raised a brilliant £130, charging colleagues £5 for a pot of homemade chilli, nachos, guacamole and sour cream. To this day she still gets people asking her to host another one!

Fundraising in the work place can be a great social event and sometimes the simplest things are the best! Have some fun, fill a few tummies, and help us rebuild lives.