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Friday 02 February 2018

Double amputee Micky Yule takes on epic sporting challenge

Posted by: Help For Heroes | Categories: Sports Recovery

SLIDER is a powerful new documentary that follows the journey of British Paralympic and Help for Heroes supported powerlifter, Micky Yule, a double amputee determined to smash any obstacle in his path.

In 2010, while serving in Afghanistan with the Royal Engineers, Micky lost both of his legs above the knee whilst part of a high-risk search team locating IEDs.

Inspired by the Olympics and determined not to be defeated by his injuries – he went on to become a champion Powerlifter winning Gold at the 2016 Invictus Games and going on to represent Britain in the Rio Paralympics later that year.

Not content with his current achievements and thirsty for a huge new challenge, he’s now testing his limits in a sport that is both highly dangerous and virtually impossible for anyone with missing limbs – Skeleton.

At present, double amputees can’t take part in skeleton sport, but Micky wants to prove that being an Olympian isn’t about having the perfect body, or the perfect number of limbs. It’s about the Olympic spirit – giving everything you’ve got and never giving up.

Micky said: “I had heard about this challenge and I knew I could do it.

“I wanted the buzz again. I’m always chasing that buzz from being with the boys on foot patrol in Afghanistan, and I’ve not found it yet. This could be it.

“It was out of my comfort zone but something I could do.

“If it can inspire anybody who is lying in hospital or is getting a new diagnosis of illness or injury to get out and get going, then that’s the job done. That’s what we set out to do.”

Micky will be helped by friends Mike Goody, an engineer who will be using technology to try and get Micky sliding with a fair chance in the race, and Will Swift, a fellow Invictus games athlete who will be calling in favours from the world of sport to get Micky as competitive as possible.

Sliding downwards at speeds of 120km an hour, Micky has set himself a massive challenge, which will culminate in a battle against reigning world skeleton champion and Olympic medal-winner, Martins Dukurs.

This is the first time a double amputee has challenged an able-bodied world champion skeleton athlete, which will see them compete in a thrilling head-to-head challenge at the world’s fastest slide at the Whistler Sliding Centre in Canada.

Can Micky beat Skeleton World Champion Martins Dukurs? Find out on Quest TV on Wednesday 7th February at 9pm.