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Tuesday 18 April 2017

Dawn Raid tips | Cycling at Night

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Join team H4H and chase the sunrise on our Dawn Raid 2017 cycle ride but don’t forget to read our top tips for cycling at night. From the novice to the regular, cycling at night throws up its own set of challenges and following a few quick tips will help you to stay safe and visible whilst riding at night.


Front lights not only make you visible to other road users but will also light up the road ahead.  Your front light should be white and your rear lights red.

Why not try doubling up on the front lights by having one flashing light and one fixed light?

Make sure that lights are suitably sited so they don’t dazzle oncoming traffic.


When buying cycling kit for your night time rides Hi-Viz can make you much more visible. Modern kit will not only be more reflective but will also keep you warm. When looking at clothing for night rides gloves are an important consideration to make sure your signals are seen by other road users.


Changing a puncture or re fitting a chain is not great and the best of times but darkness can make the process more dangerous. Make sure that you carry spares with you and attempt any repairs in a safe place whilst keeping your lights on for greater visibility. Of course nothing beats regular maintenance.

Also don’t forget…

 - Helmet lights can make you more visible

 - That you need to be seen from the side as well as the front, so spoke lights and reflective shoe covers are a great idea

 - Cycling in groups means that you can look and for one another

For more information and tips for cycling at night please see the British Cycling website

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