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Thursday 29 August 2019

My mother's gift to our Armed Forces family

Posted by: Help For Heroes

Having served in World War Two and seen the effects of conflict at first-hand, Katherine Cubitt left a gift to Help for Heroes in her Will. Her son, Bob, tells us about his mother’s legacy.

“My parents both served in the Army. My father joined the Middlesex Regiment in 1938, served throughout the war with the Army Commandos and retired in 1961. My mother served for three years during the war, coming under severe bombing attacks at Dover Castle.

“Their service influenced my decision to join the RAF and my son’s decision to serve with the Royal Engineers. My service was mainly uneventful, but my son saw active service in Bosnia and Kosovo.

“Having friends and colleagues killed or injured during the war, my parents always supported service charities. But the presence at my father’s funeral of Jack, the son of a family friend, who had been severely wounded while serving in Afghanistan was an important moment. The funeral collection was for service charities and Jack’s attendance brought it home to everyone how important such charities are.

“As a triple amputee, Jack will need medical support for the rest of his life. This prompted my mother to leave a legacy to Help for Heroes. It wasn’t much, but it was important to her to help the charity continue its support for current and future members of the Armed Forces. As the executor of my mother’s Will I was pleased to enact her wishes. And it prompted me to include a gift in my own Will.

“So long as we have wars, we will need charities like Help for Heroes and I am proud that my family, both past and present, can be associated with them”.